Who are
Blade Labs?

Blade Labs design, build, and deliver fully secure global Web3 solutions for enterprise clients. 

Blade Labs is a leading wallet infrastructure provider for enterprises, proudly built on the Hedera network. We strive to enable 1 billion users to easily and securely transition between Web2 and Web3 activities through our frictionless onboarding, simple integrations, and secure payment options. Our team of experienced industry professionals located in all key timezones around the world work together on a 24 hour work cycle to provide efficient solutions for enterprise collaborators such as LG and Karate Combat. 

Our flagship product, Blade Wallet, is a fully audited, self-custody, enterprise-grade Web3 wallet which is responsible for the creation of approximately 40% of all new accounts on Hedera since its launch in April 2022. 

We offer white label Wallet solutions across multiple platforms including Apple, Android and Chrome desktop.

In addition, we will also be launching the Blade Launchpad, an innovative web portal with low- and no-code Web3 developer tools which allow for user experience customization, quick-fire product launches and advanced analytics via a user-friendly online dashboard. 

Get in touch with Blade for cutting edge business solutions. 

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