Introducing Blade Launchpad: A Leap into the Future of Web3

Introducing Blade Launchpad: A Leap into the Future of Web3

Blade Labs is proud to introduce the beta version of its Blade Launchpad, a new product that aims to redefine user interaction, onboarding, and engagement for both organizations and creators. With Blade Launchpad, even novice users can perform complex Web3 activities, such as creating customized token drops, seamlessly and securely, all within a minute.

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, Blade Launchpad offers a self-service window with a wide range of tools created by Blade to revolutionize how users are onboarded, interacted and secure transactions are executed in the Web3 ecosystem.

The introduction of Blade Launchpad marks a pivotal moment in digital marketing, where innovation, engagement, and security converge seamlessly. Brands can leverage a set of transformative tools to redefine how they connect with their audience and manage and secure digital transactions.

Moreover, Blade Launchpad offers various tools to cater to the diverse needs of both brands and individual users and provide frictionless experiences.


Blade Token Drops – Create a campaign in 60 seconds.

With this tool, organizations and creators can easily create and deploy simple minting and distribution mechanisms for NFTs, FTs, POAPs, and utility NFTs. These tools and services are designed to engage their audience with a single click or a simple scan, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, community leader, influencer, or business, this tool can provide a perfect solution for bringing your Web3 community engagement ideas to life seamlessly and cost-effectively.


Blade Analytics – Next-level user engagement data at your fingertips.

This tool efficiently analyzes on-chain user behavior, providing an easy solution for monitoring, managing, and recording interactions to generate analytical data for targeted campaigns.


Blade Multi-Sig Wallet – Additional security through collaboration.

Blade’s Multi-Sig wallet is an innovative tool offering enhanced digital transaction security through multiple authorizations. This reliable system reinforces Blade’s commitment to security and efficiency in the digital era. The Multi-Sig wallet is especially useful for departments that handle sensitive transactions, as it minimizes the dependency on a single individual or device for transactions. It eliminates the possibility of problems caused by the loss of a key and adds an extra layer of security to ensure the safety of your sensitive data.

The Launchpad provides tools that incorporate web3 technology on the backend and a web2 user experience on the frontend. Its aim is to offer a variety of go-to-market solutions and provide personalized solutions for a wide range of industries.

Early Successes with Launchpad.

Blade has been testing its product internally for the past few months by launching campaigns for Diamond Standard (DS), which are real-world diamond tokens on the Hedera network, as well as campaigns for Karate Combat (KC), a combat sports league-based gaming platform. The results of these campaigns have been remarkable, with over 45000 interactions for DS and over 70000 interactions for KC. Blade utilized the randomizer function from the Launchpad, which is an iteration of the Blade Link solution, to create FT drop campaigns. This function allows users to create a gamified version of claims by defining a percentage of drops to each interacting account.

Focusing on IRL event activation, GoMusic, utilised the Launchpad last month for their NFT and FT drop campaign at Hello Future Live in Los Angeles. With Blade’s tools, GoMusic was able to enhance visitor engagement with a simple scan of a QR code via their mobile devices.

Blade’s Beta version has already attracted a dynamic array of enterprise users from the Hedera community, including Headstarter, KrypC, Oneto11, Koala Hash Club, Astra Nova, NFTier, MetaverseMe, and many others. These early-adopters are leveraging Blade’s innovative solutions to redefine how they interact with their audience and manage digital transactions.

These early successes provide a glimpse of how the Launchpad can empower and enhance the digital experience. Whether a brand, an artist, a start-up, or an established player, Blade envisions creating captivating and engaging campaigns. Blade is playing a pivotal role in facilitating enterprises to be at the forefront of digital innovation and the Web3 revolution. The future of digital interaction and security has arrived, and Blade is leading the way.


Kasturi Sharma
Senior Content Writer
Blade Labs

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