Blade Labs Launches “BladeLink”

Blade Labs Launches “BladeLink”, a No-Code Single-Button dApp Deployment Service, bringing Web3 to the Masses.


Singapore – April 17, 2023 – Blade Labs announces the launch of its revolutionary Web3 product, BladeLink, enabling no-code development and a single click deployment of popular Web3 services such as POAP, NFT drops, NFT Sales via Credit Card, Soul Bound Token (SBT) and Utility NFT issuance and distribution, NFT Gating, reward distribution and much more.  


The product is specifically geared towards entrepreneurs, community leaders, influencers and businesses looking for a no code, low cost, frictionless and quick way to go to market with their Web3 community engagement strategies. 


Traditionally, for a business to launch even a simple Web3 use case such as an NFT drop, months of preparation and a Web3 developer with some knowledge of smart contracts was required.  High transaction costs and lengthy times to go to market raised the risk for ‘casual’ deployment of effective Web3 community engagement strategies.  Rapid iteration and strategy adjustment based on real time analytics was also not easy.


BladeLink removes the requirement of any Web2/3 developer knowledge, significantly reduces the time to go to market and slashes the cost of deployment to a low and predictable amount.  Additionally, access to an analytics dashboard allows for evidence based re-adjustments and dramatic shortening of iteration cycles.


BladeLink is already being used by multiple businesses, such as LGE, to drop NFTs, token or account gating, purchase NFTs with a credit card with fiat or crypto currency, and claim rewards or rebates. By leveraging the Hedera network, BladeLink is able to deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions and provide users with a smooth and secure user experience.


To see BladeLinks in action, please check out the case study links below.  


Case Study 1 – POAP (Proof of Appearance) NFT drop

Customer: TOKO at Token 2049

Preparation: Mint POAP NFTs via Blade Minter

User Journey: User scans BladeLink QR code at event booth, App Store/Play Store opens, Blade Wallet download/setup or link existing account, NFT associated and sent to account.

Experience the BladeLink here: 


Case Study 2 – Issue and Claim a Loyalty Card

Customer: Blade Wallet Loyalty Card via Blade Minter

Preparation: Mint Smart NFTs via Blade Minter

User Journey: User clicks BladeLink button on website, redirect to store to download/setup wallet or link existing account, Loyalty card is sent to account.

Experience the BladeLink here: 


Case Study 3 – Purchase NFT using a Credit Card + Token gating

Customer: LG Art Lab at Frieze LA and Koala Hash Klub

Preparation: Mint NFTs and provide token allowance via Blade Minter

User Journey: User clicks BladeLink button on website, redirect to Chrome store to download/setup wallet or link existing account, enter credit card information, NFT is sent to account. Subsequently the user goes to a website, NFT ownership is verified, hbar rewards are sent to the user account.


Alternatively, you can email for more information about Blade’s robust integration options and suite of Web3 tools.


About Blade Labs

Blade Labs Inc. is the leading wallet infrastructure provider for the Hedera network, with a mission to enable the next billion users to safely and seamlessly transition between Web2 and Web3 activities via its frictionless onboarding, simple integrations and secure payment options.  

Its flagship product, Blade Wallet, is an enterprise-grade, self-custody, third-party audited and security tested Web3 wallet that has seen the most rapid growth on the Hedera platform, with just under 400,000 new user accounts created in less than a year.

Another suite of products created by the Blade Labs team to further its mission, BladeLinks, provides single-click solutions for user onboarding and registration, as well as NFT creation, sale, and distribution. 


Finally, Blade Console (launching soon) is a web portal with low- and no-code Web3 developer tools facilitating user experience customization, quick-fire product launches, and advanced analytics via a user-friendly online dashboard. 


To learn more about Blade Labs, please visit  


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