Say Hello to Blade Wallet

Blade Wallet is the only Certik Audited self-custody Web3 wallet on Hedera which is built by an SOC2 Type 1 certified business

Designed to be the most simple, seamless and secure way to engage in Web3 activities. Users can Buy, sell, stake, trade and collect with the most-accessible and fastest growing wallet on the network. 

Over the past 12+ months we have worked with global partners, SME’s and Enterprises to design, build and deliver successful tools and innovations with our Wallet solution which gives unrivalled insights into where success is achievable for businesses.

With full SDK Whitelabel integration documentation available here, let Blade Wallet help unlock growth in your business. 


Enable your users to transact with both Hedera and Ethereum all within a single, secure wallet solution.


Integrate Blade Wallet into your technology to unlock the power of Web3 and deploy some off the shelf solutions for performance.


Create gated access allowing only users who hold designated tokens allowing you to police access to your website and technology.


Create a powerful single-click URL which can either automatically create a wallet pre-associated with your token or drop tokens directly into wallets as they’re created.


Create non-transferrable, dynamic “soul bound tokens” to build and launch your loyalty scheme Tokens which can evolve through levels based on user activity.


Allow users globally to select from a list of on/off ramp partners with an in-wallet aggregator optimizing user experience globally.

Get Started with Blade Wallet today!

From seamless integrations to full bespoke builds with go-to-market launch campaigns – we do it all. 

Our team are on hand to walk you through just what our technology can do, and importantly, what our team can do to help your business unlock further growth potential. 

If you’d like to speak to us about Blade Wallet, or any of our other solutions and services, simply confirm your details in the form here and we’ll do the rest.