Case Study: Diamond Standard

Last mile retail delivery solution with go-to-market campaign execution for tokenized real-world assets

Diamond Standard blade Labs

The Brief

Diamond Standard sought to revolutionize the diamond investment market with $CARAT, a tokenized diamond asset aimed at the mass market with a value pegged around a US dollar. 

Despite having a robust portfolio including high-value “Coin” and “Bar” products, the entry-level $CARAT required an innovative last-mile deliver solution for seamless customer acquisition and transaction

The Solution

Blade Labs integrated $CARAT into our Blade Wallet via partnerships with on-ramp payment service providers, OnMeta and C14. 

Allowing direct purchase of $CARAT tokens within Blade Wallet. 

We then propelled market excitement through a QR Code-driven campaign on blade Launchpad, distributing 5,000 $CARAT tokens to users in under 12 hours. 

Meanwhile we also featured a $CARAT promotional banner in our Blade Wallet app for three months to boost active visibility. 

The Benefits

The collaboration facilitated the listing of $CARAT on prominent payment platforms, significantly reducing the purchase friction for Diamond Standard’s products. The QR code campaign and app banner placement enhanced product visibility and awareness, leading to a rapid distribution of tokens and increased user engagement levels. 

For passionate users, we delivered an expedited access to $CARAT, allowing them to enjoy a simplified purchase process. The innovative campaign provided immediate token rewards for users by simply scanning a QR code, creating a compelling user experience that attracted over 45,000 participants and fostered wide community growth. 

At Blade Labs something we pride ourselves on is innovation. That can be in our technology, or our approach, but with Diamond Standard it also gave us the opportunity to work with a brand looking to innovate an entirely new offering on a global scale. We love projects just like this and were delighted to see the huge success that was delivered together.
Sami Mian
CEO - Blade Labs

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