Case Study: Karate Combat

Integrated White-Label solutions: Tokenized voting rights for a sports league with over 4.5million fans. 

Karate Combat Blade Labs

The Brief

Karate combat is a thriving professional martial arts league that promotes full-contact karate fighting. 

Recognizing the potential of Web3 in relation to fan engagement, the company set its sights on launching a cutting-edge app to leverage these capabilities. 

With an already established fanbase largely new to Web3, a smooth, seamless and secure Wallet integration was required. 

The Solution

Blade Labs worked closely with the Karate Combat team to address their requirements, designing, developing and launching a Blade Wallet Whitelabel SDK solution, allowing full integration of the Third-Party Security Audited wallet to be fully integrated into the Karate Combat app. 

This enabled the power of Web3 for fan engagement with a frictionless user experience, all contained within one app. 

As the only Dual Network wallet on Hedera, Blade Wallet also allowed Karate Combat to launch their token on both Hedera and Ethereum.

The Benefits

Blade Labs supported Karate Combat with its strong go-to-market product launch marketing strategy. Working together, the iOS Karate Combat app launched over 400,000 new accounts on Hedera within the first 7 days. The largest single account creation event ever witnessed on the network.

Karate Combat fans now have a fully immersive fan experience which allows them to engage with Karate Combat, fighters and events while enjoying the benefits of Web3 on both Hedera and Ethereum.

This project was one of the original large scale integrations Blade Labs started working on with the team at Karate Combat, working closely together ever since we've not just helped optimise and continually enhance the technology, but supported with marketing campaigns and initiatives - a real success story together.
Ints Haquani
COO - Blade Labs

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