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At Blade Labs our community is an active part in how we continue to design and create leading solutions. From our VIP beta panel, to our regular AMA’s and encouraged user suggestions.

Our Community engagement team work across Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities to deliver leading customer service, provide immediate access to the latest information and to continue to encourage debate, feedback and suggestions into the business.

Our VIP Bladers

If you’re someone who is in search of a modern and reliable way to manage your digital assets, I would strongly recommend Blade Wallet. The product boasts cutting-edge features that provide top-notch security and functionality, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a sleek and convenient solution.

In addition to its impressive technology, Blade Wallet has formed a strategic partnership with LG, a leading player in the technology industry. This collaboration has allowed for even greater development and improvement of the Blade Wallet, ensuring that users will have access to the most advanced and user-friendly product available. With its sleek design, innovative features, and trusted partnerships, Blade Wallet is truly a top-of-the-line option that is sure to exceed expectations.

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The perfect ability#6639

While Hedera’s enterprise wallet option is a great choice for me as a consumer, I must say that Blade Wallet has truly exceeded my expectations. The app works seamlessly and provides an exceptional user experience.

Notably, Blade Wallet’s NFT collections load quickly, and transactions are processed securely, making it effortless to make deals. The app also connects smoothly with major dapps, and its built-in swapping feature is cost-effective and user-friendly.

One thing I particularly appreciate about Blade Wallet is that it offers various opportunities for users to participate in competitions and win exciting prizes like NFTs, Hbars, and more. The NFT bear dude program is especially noteworthy and has quickly become my personal favorite.
Overall, I would highly recommend Blade Wallet to anyone seeking a reliable and user-friendly way to manage their digital assets.

king crypto

Blade Wallet has proven to be a responsive and user-focused solution that truly listens to its customers. Through consistent improvements and rapid development, the team has demonstrated their unwavering commitment to providing the best possible experience for their users. As a testament to their dedication, I have been impressed with the team’s engagement with their community through their AMA on Discord, where they have pledged to prioritize features that matter most to their users. Overall, Blade Wallet’s proactive approach to addressing user needs has instilled confidence in their ability to deliver a reliable and effective solution to existing problems

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Slime World Biggest Fan#0607

Some of our innovations so far

LG Art Lab

In January 2023, LG announced their collaboration with Blade Labs and its curated digital art (NFT) marketplace, LG Art Lab. Through blade Labs White Label wallet solutions, LG Art Lab enables simple seamless and secure user journeys across multiple platforms including desktop and mobile applications. 

Powered by Blade, LG Art Lab customers can now purchase NFTs and uniquely display their favourite digital art on the LG Smart TVs. 

Blade Labs continue working with the LG Art Lab team to optimise their service to its discerning clientele. 

Barry X Ball

To celebrate our work with LG and its curated digital marketplace, LG Art Lab, Blade Labs launched a campaign through our Blade Link suite of products. Participants had to opportunity to win a $1000 digital artwork by renowned New York sculptor Barry X Ball with a single click of a button. 

This click automatically registered existing Blade Wallet users to the campaign or took users to the relevant app store to download the Blade WAllet app for free and register in under three minutes. Two winners were randomly selected and invited to a designated site to claim their Barry X Ball NFT, again, with the single click of a button. 

This simple, seamless, and secure single-button marketing campaign was powered by Blade. 

Astra Nova

Built on Unreal Engine, Astra Nova is a Web3 Meta RPG Game that has gained huge following in the Web3 ecosystem. We spoke with the team at Astra Nova to see how we could help them design a solution to a very specific use case which they were struggling to find amongst other Wallet Providers.

At Blade we designed a customised UE support integration which helps the Astra Nova gamers experience the fun of the game in harness the power of Web3 in the smoothest way possible.


Slime World is a leading play-to-earn game based out of Korea.
Despite seeing huge success in the adoption and growth of the game globally, the team at Slimeworld noticed their inital wallet solution was delivering a conversion rate that they suspected could be improved.

At Blade labs we got to work designing and building a custom deeplink solution which when delivered took their <4% conversion rate and immediately lifted it to between 30-35%.

Following a series of MVT trials to test and learn based on user behaviour, we then optimised this UX and flow further which now delivers a conversion rate of over 75%.

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