Welcome to Blade Console

Discover a new era of token distribution with Blade Console. In just 60 seconds, you can create and launch full token drop campaigns using our cutting-edge Blade Token Drop technology.

Our platform’s single-click URLs streamline the entire process, making it seamless and efficient. Blade Launchpad also offers comprehensive performance analytics and a robust Blade Multi-Sig feature, empowering teamwork with transaction signing capabilities for every team member.

To access Console simply confirm your details in the form shown, you’ll receive an email confirming we’re setting your login up – as always please keep an eye on any junk folders just in case.

Blade Token Drop

Introducing Blade Token Drop – a testament to simplicity and efficiency in token distribution. At Blade, we focus on optimising user experiences and enhancing user engagement.
Blade Token Drop represents a breakthrough in token campaign creation. Within 60 seconds, businesses can set up a campaign to distribute fungible and non-fungible tokens. Our advanced technology transforms complex processes into a smooth experience, initiated with a simple scan or single click.
Utilize the Blade Console to create and manage your token drop campaigns effortlessly. Experience the future of token distribution with Blade Token Drop – where ease meets innovation.

Blade Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Data is the backbone of decision-making in both Web2 and Web3 domains.

At BladeLabs, we’re not just enthusiastic—we’re fixated on performance analytics and data-driven insights. Through Blade Console, gain comprehensive oversight on every facet of your campaign performance.

Your growth, supercharged by unparalleled insights, all conveniently located in Blade Console.

Blade Multi-Sig

Enhance operational security and efficiency with Blade Multi-Sig. Implement a collaborative approach to transaction management by assigning multiple signatories, requiring consensus for critical actions.

Our platform combines robust security measures with practical functionality, ensuring your business transactions are both secure and seamless. Blade Multi-Sig empowers your team with collective control over transactions, promoting accountability and trust.

Explore the capabilities of Blade Multi-Sig for a smarter, safer way to manage your business’s digital transactions.