Blade Labs and Deca4 Pioneer Seamless Fan Experiences in Sphera World Integration

Blade Labs and Deca4 Pioneer Seamless Fan Experiences in Sphera World Integration

Blade Labs is pleased to announce our partnership with Deca4, a UAE based specialized blockchain consultancy studio, known for consistently delivering best-in-class, tailor-made blockchain solutions. 

As their first joint project, Blade together with the talented Deca4 team are working on  delivering  cutting-edge technology solutions to Sphera World, providing its growing community of football fans with a seamless user experience. 

Sphera World is a dynamic ecosystem that merges the world of sports, blockchain technology, and digital collectibles, enhancing fan engagement with their favorite sports teams, players, and moments in a new way. Sphera World is partnered with, which has been licensed by Sport Ink. Together with Deca4, Blade Labs is thrilled to contribute to the growth and enhancement of this cutting-edge sports community.

Blade’s white label SDK solutions empower Sphera World to seamlessly onboard users, increase user retention, reduce brand confusion, and cut costs. This facilitates fans to interact meaningfully with their favorite sports teams and players and also make frictionless transactions of digital collectibles. With Blade’s white-label solutions, users can now access a secure, user-friendly, and seamless web3 environment to engage within their favorite sports community. This integration will establish a new standard for fan engagement.

By choosing a white-label web3 wallet solution instead of integrating an existing web3 wallet, enterprises and communities can improve conversion rates by allowing users to easily create and manage their wallets without downloading a separate app. This seamless process increases the likelihood of users completing the onboarding process and engaging in transactions, ultimately leading to higher revenue and more engagement with the application. 

Additionally, a white-label web3 wallet solution can help reduce churn rates by enhancing user retention and saving costs. Studies have consistently demonstrated that apps with fewer and streamlined onboarding steps exhibit higher conversion rate compared to those with lengthy procedures. The provision of a consistent user experience through a white-label solution minimizes brand confusion, contributing to the overall success of the application.

Earlier this year Karate Combat, a leading full-contact karate league saw over 600,000 accounts created by integrating Blade’s white label solutions in their android and iOS apps. This integration has also significantly helped Karate Combat increase its month-on-month user retention rate by giving them a cutting-edge solution, powered by Blade.


Kasturi Sharma
Senior Content Writer
Blade Labs


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