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Hi everyone, it’s Bobby from decode in here and in stage video we’ll be looking at a Chrome extension crypto wallet called Blade Wallet. So let’s jump straight into that.



Okay, so Blade wallet.io is their main website. The link to that will be in the description below, along with a few other links, which we’ll just talk about quickly before we jump straight into it. So one link is from my own website where you’ll find a tutorial on what we’re doing today, which is, uh, essentially installing a Chrome extension and having a look, setting up a wallet and having a look at some of the features. And also you’ll find a link to a blog page on the h b Foundation, which talks a little bit more about the support that they’ve received from the h b Foundation. But let’s start that website reading straight from the screen here. It says, blade is more than just a wallet. It’s a portal to web three. It is your gateway to cryptocurrency, exchanges, NFT marketplaces, gaming in the metaverse, and much more.



There’s a lot more going on than just being a crypto wallet. So I come across this, um, this wallet some time ago they had some funding from, or a grant from HBO Foundation, as did I. So I’ve known about ’em for quite some time. I’ve set myself up with Wallet. I’m really impressed with the application and I urge you to take a look and set yourself up and just have a play. So that’s what we’ll be doing today. But before I jump into it, let’s have a little look at <inaudible> Foundation. Um, so they received some funding from the foundation to help with the launch, but also to support them with feature releases in the, um, months after launch. And they’re still going on now. So if you look at their Twitter page, linked to which description below, you can see that they’re forever releasing, uh, new features and they’ve got a great following and it’s a great project to, um, get involved with.



So just take a look, spend some time, have a read, and if you’re interested, just get yourself set up. So let’s have a look and, uh, install the Chrome extension. So if we jump into my page here, so it’s decoding.com/tutorial/getting started with Blade. You can see that we’re gonna be installed in the Google Chrome extension and then create wallet and checking out some of the features. So this is the link here, which is chrome google.com and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So click that. I won’t be reference, I’ll be referencing the page, but I won’t be going backwards and forwards to the, um, to the tutorial because we’ll be creating a video if you dunno, watching videos to learn or, um, figure out things out. And just have a look at my website, right? So this is the link. Is it? Where are we? This is the link it takes you through to chrome.google.com and this is the page.



So it gives you a little bit more information about um, blade Wallet. So we’ve got here Blade Wallet’s, faster Growing Best in Class Security Audited Web three Wallet on the Hedera Network. I didn’t mention. It’s built on the Hedera network. I’m a big fan of Hedera, as you already know. So transact with your favorite Hedera tokens, manage your NFT portfolio, enjoy it, play to and gaming and so much more with Blade Wallet. Like I said, there’s a lot going on. So let’s start. All you click is add to Chrome, click on add extension, and now think about it for a couple of seconds. There you can see at the bottom of my screen probably. There you go. So it’s doing what it needs to do. And then there we have it, right? It’s now been added. You can’t remove it if you choose to, but if you remove it, um, it will remove all the data.



So you need to remember about seed phrases and things like that. So it’s click x there. It’s little if you can see that on the screen. Yeah, just about little jigsaw piece there. If you click that, you can have a look at all your extensions. You can see I’ve got a couple of wallets in here, but Blade is there clicking that and it’ll open up. I’ll actually redirect you to uh, welcome Blade Wallet dot I open. That is not the extension, that is just a link. So come off that, go back on the jigsaw, click on Blade and that’ll now open up the extension. So let me, let’s see if this makes it look a bit better or bigger, shall I say. Uh, it’s always the same size, no problem at all. So what you need to do is select your language on English, as you know. So let’s get started. You need to enter a, uh, so if you, if you’re creating all, sorry, you’ve got advanced setup. So if you needed to, um, restore a wallet from a seed phase, that’s where you’d do it. But we are gonna create from new. So you need to add a password. So



Create wallets. So click agree terms and conditions and create wallets. Now, it’ll come up with, uh, when it’s just thinking about some stuff there, there we go. So it is now if gone about, it’s created a wallet, right? It hasn’t given you anything, any details about your wallet ID or anything like that. It just starts with a seed phrase. I can’t emphasize there’s enough. Save your seed phrase. You will need it. If you want to restore your wallet without your seed phrase, you’ll lose your wallet. Simple as that. So you need to click, I have saved my recovery phrase. I’m just going to copy that. I’m gonna drop that in my iPad, which is on the other screen.



Then click next. Oh, click next. Okay. That’s it, that’s what you’ve got to do. So it’s created a vo, right? I’ve got an, an account id, so a wallet id, and I’ll blur this out. There’ll be a lot of blowing in this video. I don’t want you to see any of my seed phrase or my wallet id, but that’s it. Go to your wallet. Very, very easy to set up. I found. Um, it, it’ll then tell you how to perform a backup. Um, you’ll need to do that. You need to just make a note if you see the praise and things like that. So we’re gonna show this again, acknowledge, and that’s it. This is Blade Wallet. So you’ve got a few options at the bottom here. History will show you the history of your transactions. Obviously out be empty. I’ve only just set this wallet up a bit about the account.



So you got the account number. So you click the little, um, key there. You can click show private key. So the private key is basically a, uh, encrypted version of your seed phrase. Um, I say not recovery, uh, recovery credentials back to my wallet. You’ve then got transfer. You can transfer heera coins. So you can transfer coins in, you can transfer ’em to other wallets. And you’ve got contacts as if you save contacts to your wallet. Um, but you’ve got all sorts going on. If you own a menu here, you’ve got added token, you’ve got signed transactions, you’ve got wallet settings, all sorts of stuff. So like I say, this is a relatively new project. Um, so in the coming months, uh, actually one second. There we go. I didn’t have the Twitter feed open on my page. So, uh, this is the TWI page, right?



So, um, in terms of feature releases, there’s a lot of activity on their, on their Twitter. Uh, they’re releasing new bits and pieces all of the time. So, um, it’s a rock solid project already. You can do a lot and it is, but you can see here that um, our goal is to change the future of finance today. We’re one step closer. So Blade Wallet is no longer in beta mo mode, so we’re now completely live. So that’s all good. That’s from July the eighth. But you can see, yeah, we’ve got loads of stuff going on. It’s talking about all of the different feature releases that are, that are coming and have already been released. So check out their Twitter link to that as in the description below. So, um, I said I’ll keep referencing my webpage that it’s got all of the steps we just followed 




So just by all means, have a look on my website, have a play with Blade Wallet, and let me know what you think. That’s it for this video. Thank you very much for watching. I’ll be releasing a lot more crypto content in the coming weeks. I’ve got a lot more stuff coming about Python, about jango, about NFTs, about jargon busters and things like that. So please subscribe to the channel, like the video, drop me a comment. Let me know if there’s anything that you’d like to see. Thank you very much for watching. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.



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