Enterprise Digital Asset Platform by Blade Labs

Enterprise Digital Asset Platform by Blade Labs

Blade Labs emerged from a clear market necessity for a robust B2B wallet infrastructure, especially for enterprises aiming to transition their communities from Web2 to Web3 on the Hedera network. It was the beginning of something much more significant. Today, we are known for the Blade Wallet, our flagship B2C product, delivering a simple, seamless, and secure way for individuals to interact with digital assets utilizing best-in-class, cutting-edge, enterprise-grade technology.

 But there’s a deeper layer to our innovation that enterprises across the globe are starting to discover—Blade Labs is not just a wallet; it’s a comprehensive technology platform for digital asset management.


Blade Labs: The Enterprise Gateway to Digital Asset Innovation

At the core of Blade Labs’ offering is the Digital Asset Platform (DAP), a modular technology stack that empowers enterprises to navigate and leverage the complex world of digital assets, focusing on regulated entities. Drawing inspiration from the Digital Asset Platform model outlined in the IMF’s February 2024 report, our platform offers an extensive selection of components across multiple layers:

Access Layer: Integrations for seamless user interaction, including wallets and API gateways.

Service Layer: Advanced services for asset management, including KYC/AML workflows and key recovery.

Asset Layer: A diverse range of asset classes, from CBDCs to real estate and non-fungible tokens.

Platform Layer: The foundation, highlighting the networks Blade Labs services are operational on—currently Hedera and Ethereum—with plans to expand to additional chains.

Enterprises can mix and match these components to tailor solutions that align perfectly with their unique use cases and regulatory requirements. 


A Track Record of Pioneering and Partnership

Since our inception in January 2022, Blade Labs has established itself as a B2B2C wallet-as-a-service business, providing tailored digital infrastructure solutions to over 30 enterprise customers. Our collaborations range from high-profile clients like LG Electronics to niche markets, including a tokenized diamond issuer and prospective UK and US money market fund token issuers.

Our membership with the Tokenized Commodities Council underscores our commitment to leading the charge in digital commodities and real-world asset tokenization. The staggering growth of over 1.7 million accounts created via Blade technology and a consistent quarter-on-quarter CAGR of 100%+ speaks volumes about our platform’s scalability and our partners’ trust in us.


Innovation at the Forefront

Blade Labs is not just keeping pace with the industry—we’re setting the standard. Our suite of products includes a robust B2B SaaS platform, versatile B2C wallets for various operating systems, and comprehensive Wallet SDKs spanning major programming environments. Our relentless innovation addresses key industry pain points such as regulatory technology, onboarding friction, user experience, and key management.


The Next Leap: MVP in a Box

Our latest endeavour, “MVP in a box,” is designed to de-risk pre-product development for enterprises, delivering a working mainnet MVP within two months. It’s a testament to our agile approach and the efficiency of our platform.


Partnering with Idemia for Unmatched Security

In our quest to provide the ultimate security and convenience, Blade Labs is proud to partner with Idemia Group, utilizing their cutting-edge card-based crypto hardware wallet technology. This collaboration ensures our product is secure and carries the robustness of enterprise-grade technology that has been rigorously tested.


The Blade Labs Advantage for Your Enterprise

Blade Labs stands at the intersection of innovation, security, and seamless user experience. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf minimum viable live product with some initial traction, want to offer a branded credit card hardware wallet to your community, or create a comprehensive digital asset ecosystem, Blade Labs is your partner in the digital age.

We invite enterprises looking to pioneer in the digital asset space to explore our offerings. Visit the Blade Labs website to book a consultation and learn how our DAP technology stack can be the cornerstone of your digital asset strategy.

Discover Blade Labs’ Enterprise Solutions – Your journey into the future of digital assets starts here.


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