From iOS to Android: Karate Combat’s Dynamic Duo with Blade Labs Continues

From iOS to Android: Karate Combat’s Dynamic Duo with Blade Labs Continues

In a groundbreaking convergence of technology, Blade Labs continues to establish itself as a pioneering force bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 within the gaming industry. With a collaborative approach, Blade Labs & Karate Combat ( steer the course towards a new paradigm of cutting-edge  Web3 solutions tailored for the gaming industry. These innovative whitelabel solutions offered by Blade hold the potential to elevate user experience, streamline brand coherence, and optimize user retention. Empowering brands to forge profound and purposeful interactions with users across the gaming industry. In a landscape where innovation is the compass, Blade & Karate Combats collaborative efforts signifies a transformative journey, where martial arts enthusiasts are not just choosing players in a combat, but are engaged as participants in the entire gaming experience.

Blade’s first venture into the gaming industry last year saw a successful collaboration with NADA, a prominent Korean gaming company which was a complete game changer for the “Play To Earn” sensation, Slime World ( The game’s initial challenge to Blade was creating a strategy to improve the mere 3% of players adopting Web3 wallet accounts for token earning. Blade took the reins to revamp the user experience with a seamless integration of its flagship consumer product, Blade Wallet, which aimed at reducing the onboarding friction for the Web2 users. This paved the way to an incredible turnaround, with Slime World’s Web3 conversion rates skyrocketing to nearly 80% within just three months.

This year, it is Karate Combat, a thriving professional martial arts league, that stands out as an exemplary testament to the transformative power of these innovations in the gaming industry. Karate Combat has redefined full-contact karate fighting, exhibiting innovative rules of user engagement. Within the Karate Combat Arena, a hexagonal battleground, live matches unfold and reach global audiences through the Karate Combat app. By harnessing the potential of Web3 technology, Karate Combat is now on the verge of unveiling an android app that will not only elevate fan engagement but also set new standards for interactivity, fostering a truly immersive experience for martial arts enthusiasts across the world.

In May 2023, Karate Combat and Blade teamed up on a mission to change the sports gaming landscape with the launch of the Karate Combat iOS app. The seamless integration of the app with Blade Wallet, gave fans a taste of both the martial arts thrill and the spark of blockchain technology. With just a few taps, users can access a Web3 wallet or account without any fuss. Powered by Blade Wallet the user has an experience equivalent to witnessing the action-packed world of martial arts on a front row ticket.

For this particular venture Blade created a solution that perfectly aligned with the Karate Combat team’s vision and redefined a seamless user experience. Recognizing the need for frictionless user experience, they drew up an innovative layout for the integration of Blade’s technology directly into the Karate Combat native app. This ingenious move led to the development of the Blade White Label Software Development Kit (SDK), a tailor-made solution that transformed the app for an effortless user experience.

The resounding success of this transformation was evidenced by the unprecedented growth in the Hedera community. In just one week, a whopping 400,000+ Hedera accounts were brought to life(1). As a matter of fact, Blade was behind more than 90% of all accounts created on the entire Hedera network during the launch weekend of the Karate Combat iOS app. And not just that, the Karate Combat app saw over 100,000 downloads, marking a remarkable success for this tech-savvy collaboration.  

This partnership between Blade and Karate Combat was indeed new ground for both businesses, as their year-long collaborative endeavor culminated in the world’s first White Label SDK on Hedera. Blade Wallet remains the first and only dual-network wallet on Hedera, and as a result Karate Combat fans get the best of both worlds – the innovation of Hedera Hashgraph and the massive community of Ethereum. As the Karate Combat app made its smashing debut, this collaboration stood as a testament to what’s possible when the gaming industry and technological innovation join forces in the most spectacular way.

Following this resounding success of the Karate Combat iOS launch, Blade geared up for another transformative launch of the Karate Combat app as an Android version. With the iOS launch making waves, anticipation was definitely soaring for the Android application. The Android experience enhances user experience by enabling them to buy tokens from within the app itself using Blade Wallet’s integrated payment provider C14 ( Infact, the same user experience would now also be available to users of the iOS version. Registrations for the Android airdrop flared up within a week of its announcement(2), with more than 400,000 users signing up early for the app(3). As Blade has one eye on future phases, the gaming world is on the edge of their seats, ready for continued groundbreaking experiences.


Article written by:

Kasturi Sharma

Senior Content Writer

Blade Labs



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