Get Live with Blade Labs: Your Enterprise-Ready Pathway from Zero to MVP in 60 Days

Get Live with Blade Labs: Your Enterprise-Ready Pathway from Zero to MVP in 60 Days


In a rapidly advancing business world, time is of the essence as it presents an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. At Blade Labs, we understand that speed and security are paramount. We are excited to announce the launch of our latest breakthrough product, “Get Live“. Blade’s latest managed service ensures that your project will transform from a concept to a launched Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with 100 users in just 60 days. Get Live enables entrepreneurs to quickly turn their ideas into reality and create a compelling narrative for further investment and development.


The Get Live Edge

“Get Live” is not just an acceleration program; it’s an enterprise’s dream come true. It’s designed to address the fundamental challenges of launching a Web3 project, including:

– Rapid Market Entry: Fast-track your MVP launch with a 60-day promise.

– Built-In Audience: Overcome the market presence hurdle by starting with a ready-made base of up to 100 engaged users.

– Simplified Tech: Remove the complexity of tech integration, making it accessible for all enterprise levels.

– Insightful Data: Make informed decisions with a suite of analytics at your fingertips.

– Global Professional Support: Benefit from the expertise of a globally distributed team of professionals.


Amplifying Blade Labs’ Enterprise Commitment

Blade Labs is a technology provider and a partner in your enterprise’s journey towards success. We are pleased to announce that we have received the ISO (stage 1) certification, in addition to our existing SOC 2 Type 1 certification. This means that our infrastructure is designed for high performance and fortified with enterprise-grade security and governance. 


Our technology has been audited and security-tested by reputable third-party companies such as Certik, and it forms the strong backbone of our “Get Live” service. With offices in Singapore, Qatar, and the British Virgin Islands, our global presence allows us to understand and meet your local and international business needs.


Ready, Steady, Get Live!


Your path to launching an MVP has never been clearer:

  1. Discover: We align with your vision and objectives.
  2. Prepare: Get your app or website ready and align your technical team.
  3. Integrate: Our team collaborates closely with yours.
  4. Develop: Witness your MVP come to life with consistent updates.
  5. Launch: Unveil your MVP to the world in two months.
  6. Grow: Leverage our analytics and support to scale your MVP post-launch.


The “Get Live” package encompasses everything from comprehensive MVP development to exclusive mainnet access. It also includes a tailored dashboard for custom token minting and a dedicated customer service channel during Dubai business hours.

The time to act is now. Embrace the certainty of a secure, rapid launch with “Get Live” and position your enterprise at the vanguard of innovation.

Embark on your enterprise’s accelerated Web3 journey with “Get Live.” Contact us today to get started.


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