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Integrate our secure wallet solutions within your apps. Leverage our one-click user onboarding. Unlock the power of Web3 with Blade Labs - the leading Unhosted Wallet-as-a-Service provider on Hedera.

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Discover a new era of token distribution with Blade Launchpad. In just 60 seconds, you can create and launch full token drop campaigns using our cutting-edge Blade Token Drop technology.

Our platform’s single-click URLs streamline the entire process, making it seamless and efficient. Blade Launchpad also offers comprehensive performance analytics and a robust Blade Multi-Sig feature, empowering teamwork with transaction signing capabilities for every team member.

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Who are Blade Labs?

Blade Labs is a leading wallet infrastructure provider for enterprises, proudly built on the Hedera network.

We strive to enable 1 billion users to easily and securely transition between Web2 and Web3 activities through our frictionless onboarding, simple integrations, and secure payment options.

Our flagship product, Blade Wallet, is a fully audited, self-custody, enterprise-grade Web3 wallet which is responsible for the creation of approximately 40% of all new accounts on Hedera since its launch in April 2022.

We offer white label Wallet solutions across multiple platforms including Apple, Android and Chrome desktop.

In addition, we will also be launching the Blade Console, an innovative web portal with low- and no-code Web3 developer tools which allow for user experience customization, quick-fire product launches and advanced analytics via a user-friendly online dashboard.

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Blade Community

Our community is at the heart of the success of any tool we design.

At Blade Labs our community are an active part in how we continue to design and create leading solutions. From our VIP beta panel, to our regular AMA’s and encouraged user suggestions.

Our Community engagement team work across Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities to deliver leading customer service, provide immediate access to the latest information and to continue to encourage debate, feedback and suggestions into the business.

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The Backbone of Web3

Secure, Scalable, and Seamless Solutions, Unlocking the Power of Web3 Globally.

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On our way to One Billion Users with our Partners

“We really enjoy working with the team at Blade Labs and highly recommend them! They continue to deliver simple, seamless, and secure solutions at scale with the numerous cutting-edge Web3 tools they have built and will build for their enterprise customers now and in the future.”

Choi Ye-ram
Business leader of Art Lab
LG Home Entertainment Company

Blade Labs has been a pleasure to partner with.  The team shines in demanding situations and tight time frames. 

The end result is exactly what we were looking for, and the product speaks for itself. 

Dave Aho
Karate Combat

Partnering up with Blade Labs has been a smooth and positive experience, we managed to perfectly integrate their Blade Wallet into our Hedera Web3 solution. We built up a great relationship with their team, which has always been very responsive and supportive of our requests. We are glad to continue working with them.

Etan Genini

“When we started working with Blade Labs we had no idea how well it would go. Our second minting campaign was absolutely flawless, zero glitches and our NFT’s sold out in a matter of seconds it was a massive success, we’re excited to see what else we can deliver with the team at Blade Labs”

Tyler Eno
Chief Strategy Officer
Koala Hash Club

“When it comes to finding a way to make it happen, the team at Blade Labs embody this to the core. Working with our business to design a smooth solution for our users, building a completely bespoke piece of technology to achieve it and all fully secure and at incredible speed”

Faizy Ahmed
Astra Nova

Working together with Blade Labs is a breath of fresh air. Positivity, seriousness in conducting business and a “getting things done” attitude sets Blade Labs apart.

We are excited to see what other fruitful collaborations are growing from our work together and can’t wait to celebrate our mutual success.

Maximilian Loth
Strategy and Operations Lead