Tokenizing Finance one day at a time.

At Blade Labs, we’re on a mission to modernize the financial industry. From Money Market Funds to Lending we’re here to revolutionize it all through tokenization and digital assets. 

Blade Digital Securities Platform

Blade Labs’ Digital Securities Platform, is a secure and intuitive institutional marketplace designed for buying, selling, and trading tokenized shares of money market funds. By leveraging DLT/blockchain technology, our platform will streamline the investment process, reduces costs, enables near-instant settlement, and enhances collateral management.


Adoption of Digital Assets is slow. Key frictions still need to be addressed.

Distribution Complaints

Low quality assets, siloed unregulated front end user interfaces, low demand and awareness amongst key early adopter audiences.

Compliance Challenges

Marketplace regulatory uncertainty, issuer compliance requirements, cross-border complexity with travel rule compliance, investor and asset classification are all factors to be addressed.

Poor User Experience

Users are forced to endure complex multi-step onboarding experiences, poor usability and functionality, low stability, constant risk of permanent loss result in too many hoops for users to jump through.


$187 Trillion

2030E non-financial corporate & quasi sovereign debt

$42 Trillion

2030E securities financing and collateral

$20 Trillion

2030E Real Estate Funds

$12 Trillion

2030E Trade Finance

$7 Trillion

2030E Private Equity / Venture Capital


End to End Digital Asset Distribution

Accelerating Financial Innovation through Embedded Fintech and Secure Wallet Solutions


Seamless Distribution

Widgets/API’s embedded into third party regulated apps and complete whitelabel solutions. 

Compliance Solutions

AI powered RegTech product “Onboard client A, provide them service B in country D with Issuer licence E, while satisfying regulatory requirement F”. 

Enhanced UX

Battle-tested Sybil resistant one click onboarding with decentralized recovery. 

Everything you need

Blade fintech platform

Join over 100 depositors and investors leveraging Blade Labs’ Digital Securities Platform to revolutionize their investment strategies. Contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions and discover how we can help you unlock the potential of tokenized assets.

Diverse Offerings

Access over 75 tokenized money market funds from leading global suppliers all through Blade Labs.

Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance

Fully tailored for institutional and accredited investors. Including our built-in compliance features to ensure adherence to financial regulations globally.

Transparency & Security

Our DLT/Blockchain-based platform ensures complete transparency, enhanced security and real-time auditing, fostering investor confidence and trust.

Seamless Access

Gain seamless access to high-quality, globally diversified money market instruments previously limited in regions like MENA and ASEAN.

Enhanced Liquidity

Tokenization facilitates real-time settlement, enhancing liquidity and capital efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Tokenized funds lower operational costs compared to traditional investment vehicles.

Improved Collateral Management

Using tokenized funds as collateral across various platforms enhances risk management.

Advanced Embedded Fintech Integration

Delivered as embeddable widgets or APIs, our advanced Fintech solution enables seamless integration into existing technical architecture.

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