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Karate Combat Unleashes The Power of Web3 with

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Singapore – May 10, 2023 – Karate Combat, the leading full-contact karate league, has launched a new app powered by Blade that offers unprecedented user engagement opportunities for its rapidly growing audience. Users can now interact with fighters and fight events more meaningfully through Web3 technology without the friction of downloading a separate Blade Wallet app. With Blade Labs‘ cutting-edge white-label integration solutions, all web3-related activities can be conducted seamlessly within the Karate Combat app, providing a holistic user experience. 


Karate Combat is gaining popularity as a combat sport, streamed and broadcasted to over 100 countries. With the new Blade web3-powered Karate Combat app, viewers can watch live-streaming matches, vote for their favorite fighters, and participate in fantasy karate leagues organized by licensees of Karate Combat’s intellectual property.


Over one million dollars worth of Karate tokens will be distributed to user accounts for use in the application. These tokens will enhance the experiences of fans, fighters, and sponsors by allowing them to purchase tickets, merchandise, and exclusive content. Fans can also engage with their preferred fighters and have a say in the Karate Combat community’s decisions. Moreover, the tokens will compensate fighters for their performances and establish a more secure, transparent, and traceable system. Finally, sponsors can use the tokens to acknowledge and appreciate fans’ loyalty and dedication to Karate Combat.


According to Blade Labs CEO Sami Mian, “Karate Combat is leading the way in revolutionizing fan engagement with web3 technology through Blade Labs’ advanced white-label solutions. These innovative solutions can increase user retention, reduce brand confusion, and cut costs, enabling fans to interact meaningfully with their favorite fighters and fight events.”


Karate Combat uses web3 technology to enhance fan engagement and transform user interaction. Co-founder of Karate Combat, Robert Bryan, expressed pride in the partnership with Blade Labs and the unparalleled interactive experience it will provide fans: “With Blade’s white-label solutions, users can now access a secure, user-friendly, and frictionless web3 environment to engage with fighters and events. This integration will revolutionize how combat sports are experienced and establish a new industry standard for fan engagement.”


By choosing a white-label web3 wallet solution instead of integrating an existing web3 wallet, leagues or enterprises such as Karate Combat can improve conversion rates by allowing users to easily create and manage their crypto wallets without downloading a separate app. This simple process increases the likelihood of users completing the onboarding process and engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, ultimately leading to higher revenue and more engagement with the application. Additionally, a white-label web3 wallet solution can help reduce churn rates by enhancing user retention and saving costs. Studies have shown that apps with fewer onboarding steps have a higher conversion rate than those with lengthy processes. By providing consistency in user experience, a white-label solution can minimize brand confusion.


Explore Blade Labs’ impressive range of web3 wallet solutions that can be fully customized with your brand’s label. These solutions are available on Android, iOS, and web-based apps and can be integrated with games designed on Unreal Engine (and Unity coming soon).


If you’re interested in Blade Labs’ white-label Web3 wallet solutions, including dual network wallet functionality that combines advanced technology from both Hedera and the Ethereum, as well as the Blade Link suite for single-button, no-code products for NFT transfers, web3 wallet account creation, token gating, and much more, please contact the team today by emailing info@bladelabs.io.


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About Blade Labs

Blade Labs Inc. is the leading wallet infrastructure provider for the Hedera network. Its mission is to enable the next billion users to safely and seamlessly transition between web2 and web3 activities via its frictionless onboarding, simple integrations, and secure payment options from third-party providers.

Its flagship product, Blade Wallet, is an enterprise-grade, self-custody, third-party audited, and security-tested web3 wallet that has seen the most rapid growth on the Hedera platform, with just under 400,000 new user accounts created in less than a year.

Another suite of products the Blade Labs team created to further its mission, BladeLinks, provides single-click solutions for user onboarding and registration and NFT creation, sale, and distribution.


The team comprises 30 industry professionals located worldwide, covering every key timezone. This allows the unit to operate 24/7 and bring advanced web3 technology to any business, solving real-world issues on a large scale.


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