One year of Blade

It’s a significant day today… 

Our business has had many significant days, but today marks our first anniversary! At Blade Labs, we strongly believe in the adage, “we don’t age by years, but by stories.” Therefore, we decided to commemorate our birthday by reflecting on and sharing the story of our first 365 days in business.


April 2022 

We released the beta version of Blade Wallet for Chrome and Android. Our first wallet holders joined us for the journey ahead. We also launched our Twitter profile and started building the brand to make everyone aware of how Blade can help.


May 2022

Blade had the pleasure of establishing a successful partnership with Slime World, which significantly enhanced its user experience and flow. As a result, their funnel’s conversion rate skyrocketed from 3% to over 80% within just a few months. Our team has maintained a solid and productive relationship with our esteemed partner, Slime World. Furthermore, we have confidently assisted in listing their token, NADA, on the leading crypto exchange, MEXC, ensuring a smooth and secure conversion of tokens into local currency for users. 


June 2022

Following the successful launch of Slime World, we were thrilled to announce our speedy integration with Banxa, one of the top fiat-to-crypto on and off-ramp solutions. We proudly announced our first collaborative airdrop campaign with Slime World in June.


July 2022

As we announced Blade Wallet officially coming out of Beta mode, we also became the first Hedera native wallet to be available on iOS mobile devices via the App Store!  Our Blade Wallet underwent several significant upgrades, such as the addition of staking functionality through a Chrome-based integration with Stader, improved user experience, support for multiple languages, biometric authentication, and integration with leading Web3 payment service provider, MoonPay. We also partnered with Web 23, further solidifying our position as the leading enterprise web3 wallet service provider on the Hedera network.


August 2022

Blade Wallet made significant strides since its launch, with two new “in-wallet” features – Staking and a new NFT gallery – introduced in August. These additional features enabled Blade Wallet users to stake their HBAR and view their NFTs without leaving the app, providing a seamless experience. We celebrated this milestone by launching our first Blade NFT campaign and introducing the “BearDudes” NFT collection to our community. Our lucky winner received 10k HBAR in their Blade Wallet account, while everyone else received at least one free BearDudes NFT in their newly created wallets. As a result of this campaign, over 12,000 NFTs were distributed to Blade Wallet accounts worldwide.


September 2022

In September 2022, we made some exciting announcements about our progress. Firstly, we integrated Dropper, a well-known NFT launchpad, with Blade Wallet allowing us and our partners to explore new opportunities. Secondly, we launched our Second Blade NFT Campaign and successfully partnered with Hashaxis, a top-tier Hedera NFT marketplace. We also attended our first in-person event and collaborated with DLA Piper, a member of the Hedera Council, to deliver our Blade Link solution to TOKO. This allowed for a seamless single-button NFT Drop experience at Token 2049 and a F1 viewing party, both held in Singapore.


October 2022

In October, we worked with Koala Hash Klub to launch a Blade Link-powered Whitelist campaign for the NFT project. This led to a flawless distribution with zero errors. Furthermore, we collaborated with the Fashion Institute of Technology NY to offer their design students a user-friendly wallet solution through a single-button onboarding process. This was made possible by Blade Link technology. We also introduced a wallet update that allowed NFT trading within the wallet. Lastly, we carried out our first few Blade campaigns with the help of Gleam, all with great success.


November 2022

We remained committed to providing top-notch security and published our Security Audit with Certik in November. We were proud to be the only Hedera wallet to have earned the Certik KYC Gold Badge. We have continued to make all of our security audits a cornerstone of Blade Wallet and consequently make our reports available for public review. In addition, we launched the first Hedera-based NFT gallery for iOS mobile devices. Lastly, we were excited to announce our second gaming partnership with Oneto11, an India-based enterprise with over 3 million Web2 users for their fantasy cricket game.


December 2022

Approaching December 2022, we made several exciting announcements, including our integration with Hedera Sentient, the successful launch of Koala Hash Club’s Gen 2 NFT, with 650 NFTs selling out in just 2 minutes without any issues, and our partnership with Astra Nova for a customized campaign were all significant achievements. Finally, we ended the year on a high note with a wallet update that added staking reward claim functionality.


January 2023

Despite the start of a new year, the Blade Wallet team maintained their productive pace. We had a very successful 48-hour flash campaign with Astra Nova. We also confirmed the integration with Hashport, which allows assets to be transferred from Ethereum to Hedera via the Hashport website and Blade Wallet. Additionally, we managed to fit in an update before the end of the month that now allows in-wallet swapping via Saucer Swap.


Our most significant collaboration announcement came in January at CES in Las Vegas. LG revealed Blade Wallet as the chosen wallet for their curated NFT marketplace, LG Art Lab. Overall, it was a hectic month for us!


February 2023

This February, we collaborated with LG to allow NFT purchases using credit and debit cards at the renowned art festival Frieze, held in LA. Alongside this smooth purchasing experience, Blade hosted three NFT campaigns featuring artist Barry X Ball, chef Jeremy Fall, and LG. Each campaign utilized Blade Links, which granted token-gated rewards to exclusive NFT holders. Furthermore, we shared news of HUSDC purchases through MoonPay within Blade Wallet.


March 2023

March was another month filled with significant announcements for our Blade community and the broader ecosystem. Firstly, we were pleased to announce that we successfully integrated Hedera Wallet Connect into our Blade Wallet. This feature will soon be released as a network standard. We also collaborated with HBAR to achieve their first listing in Japan, a significant accomplishment in a highly regulated market. Our team effort was instrumental in making this happen. Additionally, we completed the integration of Heliswap.  We also notably announced the launch of our White Label Wallet SDK Solutions for our enterprise clients, including LG, Karate Combat, and MIOO.


April 2023

We have completed 52 weeks and finally arrived at the 12th month. Our business has flourished with the introduction of Blade Labs, which has expanded our offerings beyond just a Wallet. We are now proud to release our toolkit for Enterprises interested in Web3. We are the only Dual Network Wallet on Hedera, with the added capability of Ethereum. Additionally, our most engaged users can now enjoy the Blade Loyalty card, while our Blade Links product is now available for everyone to use.


Time flies by quickly, and seeing how much we’ve achieved in the past year is impressive. We owe our success to our partners, collaborators, users, fans, advisors, and team members, who have supported us in every way possible. Focusing on innovation and delivering top-notch solutions on Hedera for Enterprises has been our priority, and we’re thrilled to see what the future holds. We have some groundbreaking announcements in the works, so stay tuned by following us on social media to stay up-to-date on our latest developments!

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