Blade Digital Securities Platform

Bringing off-chain yield on-chain

Welcome to Blade Labs’ Digital Securities Platform, a secure and intuitive institutional marketplace designed for buying, selling, and trading tokenized shares of money market funds. By leveraging DLT/blockchain technology, our platform streamlines the investment process, reduces costs, enables near-instant settlement, and enhances collateral management. Blade’s Digital Securities Platform is an essential tool for both traditional and digital-native investors.

Key Features


Access over 75 tokenized money market funds from leading providers.

Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance

Our platform, tailored for institutional and accredited investors, includes built-in compliance features to ensure adherence to financial regulations across various jurisdictions.

Transparency and Security

Our DLT/Blockchain-based platform ensures complete transparency, enhanced security, and real-time auditing, fostering investor confidence and trust.


Gain seamless access to high-quality, globally diversified money market instruments previously limited in regions like MENA and ASEAN.


Tokenization facilitates real-time settlement, enhancing liquidity and capital efficiency.


Tokenized funds lower operational costs compared to traditional investment vehicles.

Improved Collateral Management

Using tokenized funds as collateral across various platforms enhances risk management.

Advanced Embedded Fintech Integration

Delivered as embeddable widgets or APIs, our advanced Fintech solution enables seamless integration into existing technical architecture.

For Developers

Explore our comprehensive technical documentation and product schematics to understand the architecture and integration capabilities of the Digital Securities Platform.

Welcome to the future of investment

Join over 100 depositors and investors leveraging Blade Labs’ Digital Securities Platform to revolutionize their investment strategies. Contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions and discover how we can help you unlock the potential of tokenized assets.